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Online Library

Benefits for Conference Attendees

ANNA wants you to get the most out of your registration dollars. With the Online Library, your learning opportunities will continue long after you leave Miami and return to your practice.

5 Extra CNE for FREE!

Conference registrants* receive an additional 5 contact hours in the Online Library. After the meeting, review meeting sessions you didn’t attend in Miami and complete CNE evaluations for up to 5 additional contact hours – for FREE!

Other Benefits

  • Access and print session handouts prior to the meeting.
  • Download audio recordings of sessions and listen to them at your convenience.
  • Complete CNE evaluations onsite, at home, at work, wherever!
  • Print your CNE certificate at home – no need to worry about losing it during your travels.

*Bonus CNE is available with full conference registration only and includes meeting content only (not preconference sessions).