Monday, October 14

7:00 am - 12:00 nn

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7:30 am - 9:00 am

Concurrent Sessions (311-314)


Vascular Access and Cannulation: What the Nephrology Nurse Needs to Know

1.5 CH

Dean Preddie, MD

This session will review the various options for vascular access as well as the essential components of vascular access assessment. Tips for successful cannulation of vascular accesses also will be shared.


Changes through Stages: Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

1.5 CH1.0 Rx

Molly Cahill, MSN, ANP, BC, NP-C, CNN

This session will provide an overview of stage 3 chronic kidney disease, including the disease manifestations, medical and nursing interventions, strategies to delay progression, and tools and resources available for patient care.


International Perceptions and Practices for Home Dialysis Therapies

1.5 CH

Paul Bennett, PhD, MHSM, RN, GCertSC
Denise Eilers, BSN, RN
Christy Price Rabetoy, MSN, RN

Throughout the world, individuals with kidney disease have incorporated dialysis treatments into their homes and lifestyles. However, global acceptance, the views of health care professionals, program policies, and program success vary considerably. This session will explore practices and perceptions of home dialysis therapies from an international perspective.


Optimizing Informed Consent for Transplant

1.5 CH

Kenneth Andreoni, MD

What is “informed consent” for organ transplantation? This session will describe the regulatory guidelines for informed consent for transplant, informed consent for increased risk donation, and correlation of Kidney Donor Profile Index and Estimated Post Transplant Survival scoring with informed consent.

9:15 am - 10:45 am

Concurrent Sessions (321-324)


New Nephrology-Related Drugs in the Pipeline

1.5 CH1.5 Rx

Tracy Anderson-Haag, PharmD, BCPS

This session will focus on common dermatologic conditions in patients with kidney disease, methods to assess cutaneous manifestations, and treatment options.


Changes through Stages: Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 4 and 5

1.5 CH1.0 Rx

Danuta Trzebinska, MD

This session will provide an overview of chronic kidney disease stages 4 and 5, including the disease manifestations at each stage, medical and nursing interventions, strategies to delay progression, and tools and resources available for patient care.


Human Trafficking: Identification and Intervention

1.5 CH

Jennifer Mansfield

Nurses are mandated to report suspected abuse in their patients. Unfortunately, one form of abuse that is becoming more prevalent is human trafficking. This session will provide insight into human trafficking, including risk factors, identification, reporting, and ways to assist victims.


Vascular Pathologies: Beyond Coronary Artery Disease and Vascular Access

1.5 CH0.5 Rx

Tiffany Street, DNP, MSN, APRN, ACNP-BC

Nephrology nurses are skilled at recognizing vascular changes in the kidneys, heart, and vascular access, but what about changes that may occur in the legs, the abdominal aorta, or other areas of the body? This session will focus on the “downstream” effects of vascular changes in patients with kidney disease.

11:00 am - 12:00 nn

Closing General Session


The Stigmatization of Women and Weight

1.0 CH

Rebecca Pearl, PhD

This informative session will examine the research regarding stigmatization of those who are overweight, particularly women. Explore the treatment guidelines for individuals dealing with obesity, the significance and differences between men and women with increased weight, and strategies to optimize weight loss management for these individuals.

12:00 nn

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