Thursday, September 19

7:30 am ‐ 9:00 am
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7:30 am ‐ 8:30 am
Preconference Continental Breakfast
Available for registrants of sessions 010, 020, and 030.

8:30 am ‐ 4:30 pm
Optional Full‐Day Preconference Workshops
Separate registration fee required. Lunch is on your own.

010 The RN as Educator6.0 CH

Dawn Koonkongsatian, MSN, Ed, RN, CNN
Beth Ulrich, EdD, RN, FACHE, FAAN
Patricia McCarley, MSN, RN, ACNP‐BC, CNN
Kim Schroeder, BSN, RN, CNN

All nurses teach, whether it is patient education or teaching other staff members. This workshop will focus on both of these instructional areas. You will learn how to improve communication with patients and staff, the different styles of intergenerational communication, and new methods to enhance patient education techniques.

020 Primer for APN Nephrology Practice or CNN-NP Certification Preparation6.0 CH, 2.5 Rx

Linda Shenton, MN, RN, ACNP, CNN, CNN‐NP
Debra Castner, MSN, APNc, CNN

At your request, ANNA is now offering a primer for APN practice and review for the NP certification exam! This workshop will include a review of the blueprint for nephrology nursing practice, ensuring that you have all of the knowledge needed to successfully complete the exam or begin to practice. With a keen eye on building your nephrology base, this session is always well received and now offers a broader approach to include the advanced practice nurse.

030 Issues in Management6.0 CH

Julie Millenbruch, PhD, RN, CRRN
Lawrence Park, MSPH, CHCM, CPEA
Carolyn Latham, MSN, MBA, RN, CNN

Management issues don't get easier, so this workshop will feature in‐depth sessions exploring OSHA regulations, workplace violence, staffing issues, and taking leadership to the next level. Learn with management experts about the issues and how to resolve difficult situations.

4:00 pm ‐ 7:00 pm
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5:00 pm ‐ 6:30 pm
Optional Hands‐On Workshops
Each workshop is limited to 25 participants. Separate registration fee required.

040 Buttonhole Technique1.25 CH

Lynda Ball, MSN, RN, CNN

Has your facility been trying to implement a "buttonhole" program, but you're not sure where to start? During this session, you will review cannulation and practice the technique on a simulation model. Join us as we explore this method of cannulation for the hemodialysis patient.

050 Neurological Assessment: Cranial Nerves1.25 CH

Kristin Larson, MSN, RN, ANP, GNP, CNN

This session will review the assessment of the cranial nerves. When we note deficits in a patient, what do they mean? What do we do as APNs or as RNs? What are the next steps in care delivery for the patient with an impaired neurological assessment? Join us as we use a hands‐on format to learn how to conduct and interpret a neurological assessment focusing on the cranial nerves.

060 Blood Volume Monitoring: Interventions and Complications1.25 CH

Judy Kauffman, MSN, RN, CNN
Susan Fallone, MS, RN, CNN

New research shows that fluid balance in the dialysis patient population impacts mortality rates. Do your hemodialysis machines have the equipment to assist you in precisely monitoring the fluid balance in patients? Not sure you understand the details of using this equipment fully to provide the best outcomes for your patients? Learn about the equipment, see it, touch it – and ask questions to improve your skills in the use of fluid monitoring equipment.

Friday, September 20

7:30 am ‐ 5:30 pm
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7:30 am ‐ 8:30 am
Preconference Continental Breakfast
Available for registrants of sessions 070 and 080.

8:30 am ‐ 12:00 nn
Optional Half‐Day Preconference Workshops
Separate registration fee required.

070 Evidence‐Based Practice and KDIGO3.25 CH

Deborah Brooks, MSN, ANP‐BC, CNN‐NP
Carol Headley, DNSc, ACNP‐BC, RN, CNN

New KDIGO guidelines for care – what do they mean and how do they impact our practice? This session will guide you through the interpretation of levels of evidence, review major KDIGO recommendations, and help you develop goals for implementing practice changes.

080 Diabetes Update3.25 CH, 3.25 Rx

Betsy Dokken, PhD, NP, CNE

New medications, new rules, new monitoring. At a time when the incidence and prevalence rates of diabetes are continuing to skyrocket, knowing how to provide the best care possible for individuals diagnosed with diabetes is important. This session will focus on that care. Whether you are an APN or an RN, you will find the information provided in this session invaluable.